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Makis Papapostolou, CGNE™, CPSCM™ is nearly 3 decade veteran of procurement, having served most of this period as a Chief Procurement Officer for many large global firms.  Hand picked by the Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management CEO, Omid Ghamami, Makis is one of the most globally recognized thought leaders in the field of Purchasing and Negotiations.

Makis has 25+ years’ experience holding responsibility for $1B+ in annual expenditures. Strategically restructuring and leading procurement teams, Asset and Facility procurement management, strategic sourcing and stakeholder management, leading Cost Optimization programs that reduce OPEX and CAPEX, positively influencing the financial results while being responsible for tendering, negotiating and sourcing a wide range of categories of goods and services for Groups of companies geographically dispersed in a multitude of diverse industries leading their entire global corporate purchasing operations.   Makis has led procurement teams across Lebara Group, ALUMIL Group, Capital Resources, Deutsche Telekom Group, VODAFONE SA and has worked across UK, Egypt, Dubai, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Romania, Portugal and Greece.  His diverse geographic, industry, and executive level background makes him one of the most sought after procurement transformation consultants in the world. 

Makis holds a Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, is a certified CPSCM™ and CGNE™ Master Instructor, and is an esteemed board member on the CPO Innovation Group and The Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Excellence.

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