Purchasing Problems Solved

You are dealing with the same problems we've all faced in purchasing & supply chain management. 

There are many, but here are the Top 10. All of them are easily solved and will make your career and life MUCH better: 

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Professionals are struggling with getting suppliers to agree to TCO reductions in negotiations, year after year – how many times can the supplier keep agreeing to give you more for less?

The CPSCM™ certification gives you the tools to shatter this frustrating cycle by teaching you the secrets to driving upstream design for TCO – well before SOWs and Specs are even developed.

This is where the real savings opportunities are, and it’s not being taught in any other purchasing and supply chain management certification program.

2. Measly 3 – 5% raises. Infrequent promotions and getting passed over for positions you want. Not even getting interviewed for positions you apply for.

Is this how you want to spend your purchasing and supply chain management career, stuck under a glass ceiling?

Purchasing and Supply Chain Managers with certification earn $9,327 USD more per year than those who do not – and that’s just the beginning!

The CPSCM™ certification puts your career and your income on the fast track to success.

3. Not only does your purchasing and supply chain management organization not have a seat at the table with executives, you are frequently on the menu!

Imagine being recognized as Value Added Center of Profit instead of as a service provider inside of the organization – like HR, Payroll, and Finance.

The CPSCM™ certification teaches you how to get out of the dark ages and stop being treated like a service provider – like an old can of beans on the shelf - and to start being appreciated and compensated like a strategic advantage to the company.

Negotiating contracts is a pain for you right now. Suppliers are marking them up and your legal department takes weeks to review things that you needed to have done yesterday.

Even when legal approves the contract, you still end up having endless supplier performance problems.

Is this how you envisioned spending your career?

The CPSCM™ certification gives you exclusive strategies to have suppliers stop marking up your contracts and to liberate yourself of the legal department so that you are steering the ship and not them.

Your leverage and positioning changes and your supplier performance results rapidly improve – making you look like the stellar professional you deserve to be viewed as.

5. You have a big problem, and it’s killing you every day on the job.

Here’s the purchasing cycle: a SOW or Spec is written for goods and services. You then solicit for goods and services. You then negotiate for goods and services. You then contract for goods and services.

And then somehow you and your end user magically expect PERFORMANCE RESULTS at the end of this process – and it never happens.

The CPSCM™ certification shows you how to do what no other certification program can dream of: rearchitect the purchasing process to focus on buying Performance Results from the very beginning.

It will take you less time and you will get FAR better results.

You will be the only person in your department who is not being hounded by suppliers, end users, management and other frustrated parties, because there will be no fires to put out and no supplier performance issues to fix.

6. You keep hearing about supply chain management. You read about it. People are talking about it. But who is actually doing supply chain management?

Nothing you read or learn about supply chain management is something that you can go back to your desk and do, and even if you did, how would it help you?

The CPSCM™ certification program is the world’s only certification that puts special focus on easy approaches to take costs out of the supply chain, where there are endless savings opportunities, and your suppliers will help you achieve them.

And you can start doing these things tomorrow.

Put yourself and your reputation among the purchasing and supply chain elite –get your career and income on the fast track by embracing 21st century supply chain strategies that you can put to work now.

7. You’ve been taught that influence and win/win are the key to landing deals and getting great negotiation results, and it hasn’t made you the rock star of your department yet.

Somehow all the experts had said these two skills are enough. They’re not.

Influence skills are not enough - If you want to be a negotiation godfather, a negotiation genius, someone who everyone turns to for the most difficult negotiations, someone who gets paid more and more every year because you are too valuable to lose, you need to know not only how to influence, but also how to do total cost analysis.

Should cost, must cost, and total cost models – are you using these critical tools in every negotiation? If not, you are leaving money on the table and stifling your career – while your suppliers laugh all the way to the bank.

The CPSCM™ certification program does a deep dive on the critical cost modeling skills you need to be THE sought after resource in your department for negotiation advice, and to be the rock star that suppliers are afraid to negotiate with.

8. You landed in purchasing by accident.

Your boss landed in purchasing by accident. Your peers landed in purchasing by accident.
And then, if you go far enough up the chain in your organization, eventually purchasing reports to someone who doesn’t understand purchasing.

If this were a recipe for a cake, even a dog wouldn’t eat it.

Every single purchasing professional lives in this kind of environment, where people who didn’t plan for this profession are trying to teach you how to do your work.

Are you wondering why your career isn’t moving like it should?

Imagine rising above this fire and being able to learn from the very best in the world. Your own private instructor. Not just any instructor though...

The man whom Intel Corporation named “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning”.

The man whom Harvard University reached out to speak to their world famous supply chain management program.

The man whom Fortune Magazine reached out to write an article on how Fortune 500 companies can succeed in the new global business climate.

The man who has trained all 50 Chief Purchasing Officers of the United States – on how to maximize their $3.2 Trillion budget.

The CPSCM™ certification program gives you all that and more – a dream situation, where you are getting private training from the best in the world, and nobody can say they know purchasing and supply chain management better than you, because you learned from the best in the business.

9. Are you spending your days on strategy? Do you have 4 – 6 hours free every day in your schedule?

Or are your days ravaged by unplanned activities, emergencies, fires, supplier problems, customer issues, emergency emails, useless meetings, and many other activities – none of which show up in your status report or your performance review.

Is this any way to spend your time?

The CPSCM™ training and certification program has solved this problem that is plaguing our profession like the worst disease.

We have done root cause analysis on the 90% of time that purchasing professionals spend in non-value added activities every single day and show you the very easy but proprietary steps that you can take now to PREVENT all of these activities from taking place and to use this free time to focus on PLANNED activities that absolutely do end up in your status report and your performance review.

This is the secret to catapulting your career, because it’s not how many hours you work, it’s how you use those hours.

Remember: nobody ever got put on the fast track to being the next director of purchasing because they were so good at handling unplanned activities.

Leverage your CPSCM certification™ as your ticket to less stress, less wasted time, more strategy, better results, and better career and income and job satisfaction now.

10. So you’ve decided you want to get certified. The problem is time allocations, costs, and quality of the materials.

Do you really want to buy the necessary books and lug those where ever you go?

Then if you want to have an instructor train you on the materials, you have to find a seminar someplace, sign up, pay, and drive out there and lose a day or more of your time.

Then when you are ready to take the test, you have to pay again, and drive out to some central testing location to take a massive exam where everything rides on the outcome.

And in the end, there is no guarantee that what you are learning is really going to help you – as some of the certification programs are either academically focused or focused on leveraging dated win/lose negotiation principles.

Stop paying for and lugging books around, stop driving to exam locations, stop paying for rigid seminars to prepare you for certification exams, and get into the NOW with the most advanced purchasing and supply chain models and knowledge available.

The CPSCM™ certification program is the most advanced and flexible program in the world, and it has been endorsed by a renowned Harvard University Supply Chain Management instructor.

There are also no hidden costs – you only invest once, up front, and never again. And you won’t need to pay for and attend preparatory seminars.

You will see the materials, hear our world class CEO teaching the materials, and you will get personalized training – all on demand, on your schedule.

If you decide to pass up on this investment, I guarantee that your life won't be any better tomorrow than it is today. 

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