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Tim Shiple

Former Sr. VP of Supply Chain at Google

"As a thirty year Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Veteran, most recently as Sr. VP of Supply Chain at Google, I can say that the CPSCM certification is THE cream of the crop.

The level of depth, the immediate practicality and usefulness of the information, the high tech and user friendly 'on-demand' learning models, the paradigm shifting content, the focus on taking cost out of the supply chain, driving design for TCO, buying performance results instead of goods and services, leveraging really powerful negotiation strategies - and much more - make this the certification program the gold standard in our profession in my opinion.

On top of all that, getting to see and hear this content taught directly by one of the best negotiators our profession has ever seen is just icing on the cake. It doesn't get any better than this." ~ Tim Shiple - Former Sr. VP of Supply Chain at Google.

Dear Purchasing Pro,

This may be the most important letter you read all year.

Here's why...

Negotiating contracts is a pain for you right now.

Suppliers are marking them up and your legal department takes weeks to review things that you needed to have done yesterday.

Even when legal approves the contract, you still end up having endless supplier performance problems.

Is this how you envisioned spending your career?

But that's not all. You have another big problem, and it’s killing you every day on the job.

Here’s the purchasing cycle: a SOW or Spec is written for goods and services.

You then solicit for goods and services. You then negotiate for goods and services. You then contract for goods and services.

And then somehow you and your end user magically expect PERFORMANCE RESULTS at the end of this process – and it never happens.

What's worse is that you’ve been taught that learning negotiation strategies and tactics are the key to landing deals and getting great negotiation results, but it hasn’t made you the rock star of your department.

It never will. 

Somehow all the experts had said these two skills are enough. They’re not.

Negotiation strategies and tactics are not enough.

If you want to be a negotiation godfather, a negotiation genius, someone who everyone turns to for the most difficult negotiations...

...someone who gets paid more and more every year because you are too valuable to lose, you need to know not only how to influence, but also how to do total cost analysis.

Should cost, must cost, and total cost models – are you using these critical tools in every negotiation? If not, you are leaving money on the table and stifling your career – while your suppliers laugh all the way to the bank.

You landed in purchasing by accident.

Your boss landed in purchasing by accident.

Your peers landed in purchasing by accident.

And then, if you go far enough up the chain in your organization, eventually purchasing reports to someone who doesn’t understand purchasing.

If this were a recipe for a cake, even a dog wouldn’t eat it.

Every single purchasing professional lives in this kind of environment, where people who didn’t plan for this profession are trying to teach you how to do your work.

Are you wondering why your career isn’t moving like it should?

Measly 3 – 5% raises. Infrequent promotions and getting passed over for positions you want. Not even getting interviewed for positions you apply for.

Is this how you want to spend your purchasing and supply chain management career, stuck under a glass ceiling?

Are you wasting your days on
fire fighting activities?

Do you have 4 – 6 hours free every day in your schedule?

Or are your days ravaged by unplanned activities, emergencies, fires, supplier problems, customer issues, emergency emails, useless meetings, and many other activities – none of which show up in your status report or your performance review.

Is this any way to spend your time?

Solutions that create a paradigm shift

  • Do you want to stop struggling with getting suppliers to agree to TCO reductions in negotiations, year after year?

    Get the tools to shatter this frustrating cycle by learning the secrets for driving upstream design for TCO, well before SOWs and Specs are even developed.

    This is where the REAL savings opportunities are. 
  • Do you want to turn the tables on suppliers and take control of them? 

    Discover tricks of the pros and exclusive strategies to have suppliers stop marking up your contracts and to liberate yourself of the legal department so that you are steering the ship and not them.

    You'll rearchitect the purchasing process to focus on buying Performance Results from the very beginning. It'll take you less time and you'll get much better results. 

    You're going to be the only person in your department who is not being hounded by suppliers, end users, management and other frustrated parties because there will be no fires to put out and no supplier performance issues to fix. 

    Your supplier performance results will rapidly improve, making you look like the stellar professional you deserve to be viewed as. 
  • Forget the 1950's strategies to "get the upper hand" and establish an "unfair advantage in negotiations"!

    That's decades old thinking and doesn't work in the real world.

    You're going discover the critical cost modeling skills you need to be THE sought after resource in your department for negotiation advice, and to be the rock star that suppliers are afraid to negotiate with. 
  • Prevent fires, emergencies and problems before they even start. 

    We've solved these problems that are plaguing our profession like the worst disease. 

    We've done root cause analysis on the 90% of the time that purchasing professionals waste on non-value added activities every single day.

    We've developed very easy, proprietary steps that you can take now to PREVENT all of these activities for taking lace and to use this free time to focus on PLANNED activities that absolutely DO end up in your status report and performance review. 

    This is the secret to catapulting your career, because it's not how many hours you work, it's how you use those hours. 

    Remember: nobody ever got on the fast track to being the next director of purchasing because they were so good at fire fighting. 

    Would you like to learn these secrets and dozens more that no one else is telling you about in purchasing and supply chain management? 

    Do you want to join the world's Elite and use our proprietary strategies and processes to become highly respected, enjoy your career and increase your income potential?

    Then your time has come to put away the theory and antiquated garbage that everyone else is teaching you and start learning from the best in the world. 

New! Introducing The Worlds Most Advanced,
Interactive & Prestigious  Purchasing & Supply
Chain Management Certification Program.

~ Certified Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager ~

Meet Your Instructor And Members Of The Board

Mr. Omid Ghamami, MBA, CPSCM - World Renowned Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Professor, Author, Thought Leader, Consultant, Speaker, CPSCM Instructor.

James Stanton
Harvard University Logo

Professor Zal Phiroz, MBA, CPSCM - Harvard University Supply Chain Management Instructor

Tim Shiple
Google logo

Mr. Tim Shiple, CPSCM - Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Google*

Frank Hsiung

Mr. Frank Hsiung, CPSCM - Global Chief Purchasing Officer Foxconn Technology Group*

James Stanton
DC logo

Mr. James Staton, CPSCM - Chief Procurement Officer Washington D.C.*

Steven McCredie
ISM logo

Mr. Steven McCredie, CPSCM - President, Institute for Supply Management, Sacramento Valley Chapter

Craig Rader

Mr. Craig Rader, CPSCM - President, California Association of Public Purchasing Officers (CAPPO)


Join Us And When You're Done, You'll Walk Away With The Power To Control Your Purchasing Results, Career & Income Potential

Survey after survey told us that purchasing professionals don't like having to buy books, read on their own, study for all-or-nothing final exams, and then pay for and drive to fixed testing locations on fixed dates for exams.

But they felt like they didn't have a choice. Now you do.

You will have your own private instructor.

Not just any instructor, but one of the best in the world, one who raced up the corporate ladder to an executive position in charge of a $2.2 BILLION global purchasing organization for a Fortune 50 company.

You're going to learn new breakthrough strategies.

Learn from the Professor of Purchasing at a prestigious college in California who has written best-selling purchasing and supply chain management books...

...has written countless articles in globally recognized purchasing and supply chain management journals...

...and gets paid thousands of dollars to fly around the globe to speak and share his proprietary knowledge for just one hour at international purchasing conferences.

Your career and income trajectory will catapult.

You're going to learn the proprietary training from whom has been called upon to speak to the 50 Chief Purchasing Officers of the United States (with a collective $3.2 Trillion US budget!) and Harvard University’s world renowned Supply Chain Management program.

He has been called “The Secret Weapon of Fortune 500 Chief Purchasing Officers” by industry insiders...

...and named “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning” by Intel Corporation - teaching YOU the concepts, on your schedule, where you hear his voice and see his presentations.

You're Getting A Virtual Brain Dump Of His Secrets, Strategies and Processes To Take Total Control Of Your Career.

All yours to watch, hear, and benefit from, over and over – forever, on demand.

Never Carry Books Around Again. Never Pay For Exams Again. Never Drive to Testing Sites Again.

We've changed all of that. The CPSCM - Certified Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager Certification program changes everything.

Our program has no hidden costs, and the exams are real time and at no extra charge – they are included in your investment, and so is everything else we provide.

Business Woman holding CPSCM Business Card

We don't believe in multiple fee schedules over time.

And if you don't pass our exams, you can keep working at them until you do – and we don't save the exams until the very end.

You'll take “mini-exams” after every module and unit, thereby ensuring that you never have to spend months cramming, and you can focus on what you just learned.

And you will never be asked memorization questions. That’s what search engines and library books are for.

You will be challenged to make sure you really UNDERSTAND the game changing content you've been taught and are ready to apply these concepts to take your skills for breakthrough results.

All exams are online and can be taken from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else you have an internet connection and a computer.

Welcome to the 21st century.

We also promise that you won't learn useless academic theory that doesn’t apply to your skills, job, and your income.

Everything you learn can be implemented right away.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The CPSCM™ Certification is an absolute game changer, and is by far the most valuable Purchasing & Supply Chain Management certification program available today.”

Professor Zal Phiroz
- Supply Chain Management Instructor, Harvard University
Harvard University Logo

Here's How It Works.

You're going to get a powerful series of 12 modules and 16 units, jam-packed with over 30 hours of powerful information, with breakthrough strategies that don’t leave you wondering what to do.

You will have templates and steps that are laid out for you.

All you need to do is execute.

You'll Become World Class

Thousands of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Professionals in five different continents have been trained on and are actively using the breakthrough principles taught in this course by our Chief Program Architect.

The program contents have also been tested at proven higher education institutions.

The product that our institute has now brought online is tested, proven, and has evolved to a level that can only be called world class.

We will take you through the entire purchasing life cycle, focusing most on the areas that will give you the most return on your skills, career, and income.

Everything we've put together is with that focus in mind.

You'll Save Time

Now remember, this not the same as 30 hours of classroom time.

Classroom time includes pauses, breaks, discussions, writing on the board, questions, in class exercises, and generally moves at a much slower pace.

This is condensed information. It would take at least twice the classroom time to cover this same amount of materials.

The presentation style for our certification program is engaging and captivating.

Our research shows that while purchasing and supply chain management professionals dreaded reading books to take exams – something they thought was over when they finished college.

They absolutely loved the idea and the experience of an interactive approach of the CPSCM™ Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Certification Program.

Our exhaustive research on human learning models left no doubt about it: seeing and hearing the materials provides better learning retention than just reading about it.

Students reported retaining more and understanding the materials better when more senses were involved in the learning process. Comparative exam scores in our testing showed the exact same results.

The jury is in, and they have reached a unanimous verdict: we have captured a 21st century learning model with this program.

No need to lug heavy books with you wherever you go – all of your personal training materials are available online, wherever you go, in your Members Dashboard just for you.

Use your favorite device to access the internet and pick up where you left off. All these world class materials are stored on Amazon S3 – one of the most reliable data centers in the world.

And when you're done, you can proudly display that you are one of the purchasing and supply chain management elite, learning not from books, but straight from a purchasing master. 

Put your CPSCM™ title after your name, on your business card, on your resume, on all business social media, for you are now one of the purchasing and supply chain management elite.

CPSCM Certification

The Output of This Program – Put Your Skills, Your Career, and Your Income on the Fast Track to Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Excellence.

"My career was at a loss. I had a Bachelor's degree in business from one of the best universities in California, but after getting laid off from EarthLink, I found my career in a downward spiral, and I was stuck selling electronics at a swap meet.

The CPSCM Certification program changed my life. I now have a genuine purchasing position and I have a real career with great income.

I can't say enough about the quality of this program, and how impressed employers were when I told them - and later showed them - the powerful knowledge that I learned.

Everything they told me was true. This was an incredible investment in my life and my career." ~ Nick Sedighzadeh, CPSCM Glendale, California

Before you join us, let me tell you exactly what you're going to get so that you know it's right for you.

While other certification programs are based on theory and antiquated tactics from the 1900's, CPSCM is based on the REAL WORLD and proprietary strategies that were developed by the world's most sought after Purchasing trainer.

You will learn the powerful skills needed to:

    • Uncover The Secret To Getting Internal Customers To Support You And Your Purchasing Objectives
    • Why you should stop measuring supply base size (and never measure it again!) and save time by measuring this metric instead
    • Identify and drive streamlining of supply chain costs without special systems or tools
    • How to drive SOW/Specification design for TCO for greater results than you can ever achieve in any negotiation
    • How to use Three Powerful Words That Will Provide Breakthrough Results In Negotiations
    • Take Costs Out Of The Supply Chain For A Win/Win For You And The Supplier
    • Utilize Principles Of Psychology To Get The Supplier To Want To Agree To Your Negotiation Objectives
    • Learn A Proven Method To Know When A Supplier Is Bluffing When They Say They Will Walk From A Deal
    • Anticipate, Recognize, And Respond To Supplier Negotiation Tactics, without using antiquated strategies to “get the upper hand” or “get an unfair advantage”
    • Perform Total Cost Analysis And Price Benchmarking To Deliver Best Possible Negotiation Results
    • Get The Supplier To Be Your Partner In Delivering Greater Cost Savings
    • Spend More Time Getting Cost Savings And Less Time Dealing With Purchasing Emergencies And Issues
    • Make The Supplier Excited About Reducing Price Through Cost Reductions
    • Use A Special Trick To Get Supplier Quotations At Much Lower Cost And With Improved Specifications
    • Know What Positions To Open With And What Positions To Finish With In Negotiations
    • Learn How To Develop Should Cost, Must Cost, And Total Cost Models That Crack Cases And Generate Next Level Results
    • Know When To Use Benchmarking And When It’s Not Needed; Know Which Type Of Cost Model To Use, Every Time
    • How To Slash Negotiation Cycle Time Using A Critical Purchasing Technique
    • How To Build A Total Cost Case That Leaves The Supplier No Choice But To Deliver Lowest TCO
    • Have Your Supplier Gather Purchasing Best Practices From Other Companies On Your Behalf
    • Use One Lesser Known Contract Clause To Make Sure You Are Getting The Best Price In Industry, Every Time!
    • Core And Common Components Of International Contract Law That You Need To Know About
    • Why You Stifle Your Career By Over-Reliance On The Legal Department For Legal Reviews
    • How Your Customers Can Create Legal Liability Using Apparent Authority
    • How Your Behavior Can And Will Create Or Modify A Contract – And How To Avoid It!
    • Why Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Understanding Can Get You In Trouble, And What You Should Do Instead
    • What The Difference Is Between UCC “Gap Fillers” And Common Law “Last Shot Rule” and what this means to you
    • When To Use A PO And When To Use A Long Form Contract, And What The Top “Gotchas” Are
    • Which Clauses MUST Be Customized To Your Requirements, Or You Might Have No Protection At All!
    • Which Contract Clauses To Make Unilateral, And Which Ones To Make Bilateral
    • Why You Can Get In Trouble When A Contract Clause Is In Capital Letters And What You Should Do
    • Why It Can Be Better To Negotiate Liquidated Damages Up Front In A Contract And How To Do It
    • Which Clauses You DON’T Want In Your Agreement – Silence Can Be A Good Thing!
    • Learn The Critical Hidden Problem When Assessing Limitation Of Liability And Insurance Levels
    • Which Contract Clauses Suppliers Try To “Slip-In” Language That They Don’t Want You To Notice
    • Which Laws You Never Want Your Goods Contract Governed By, And Which You Do
    • What The 4 Corners Rule In Contract Law Is And How To Use It To Your Advantage
    • How Your Supplier Forecasts Can Create Detrimental Reliance Or Promissory Estoppels And What To Do About It
    • What One Secret Clause Will Save You 75% Time In Your Negotiations, And How To Include It
    • How To Make Sure Suppliers Almost NEVER Ask To Make Changes To Your Contract Terms
    • What You Don’t Know About Warranties And Why They Are Not Always A Good Thing
    • What Implied Warranties You Need To Know About That Your Suppliers Want To Disclaim
    • Which Contract Clauses Must Be Written To Survive The Agreement, And How To Word Them
    • How To PREVENT And Respond To Supplier Breach Of Contract, Saving You Time!
    • Which 3 COMMON Purchasing Words You Should Never Use In Communications With Suppliers
    • How A Fortune 50 Senior Purchasing Manager Signed A Contract That Turned Into A Nightmare Lawsuit; We Will Review & Fix That Contract!
    • What Your Lawyers Will Never Look For And Why A Contract That Is Approved By The Legal Department May Still Be A Terrible Contract That Causes You Endless Problems
    • The Biggest Mistake That Purchasing Professionals Make With Supplier Performance Management Expectation Setting And How To Avoid It
    • Why Buying Goods And Services Is A Dead-End And How To Shift Your Strategies Towards Buying PERFORMANCE RESULTS.
    • Why The Root Cause Of Nearly All Poorly Performing Suppliers Is Poor Purchasing Practices And Not Inept Or Incompetent Suppliers, And What You Need To Do About It
    • Why Changing Poorly Performing Suppliers Is Almost About Addressing The Symptom And How To Make A Shift To Identify And Address Root Cause
    • What The Efficiencies Gained Are By Driving Continuous Quality Improvement Measures With A Rock Solid Supply Base And What Steps Need To Be Taken To Enable This.
    • How And When To Determine What Results The Supplier Is To Achieve, And How To Put Measures In Place That Encourage And Ensure These Results Are Met – Rather Than Waiting For Excursions.
    • How To Tier Your Supply Base And Maximize Results Using The Pareto Principle And Why You Should Never Measure Your Supply Base Size Again.
    • How To Use Advanced Supplier Management Practices To Accelerate Supply Base Optimization Strategies, Reduce Rogue Customer Excursions, Reduce TCO, & Create High Performing Suppliers.
    • How To Take A Few Critical Steps Up Front In The RFX Process That Will Enable Dramatic Improvements In Supplier Performance Post Contract.
    • How To Revamp Your Supplier Management Efforts So You Are Managing The Results And The Supplier Is Doing The Bulk Of The Supplier Management Execution Activities That You Report Out On. Be The Maestro, And Let Your Supplier Be The Orchestra!
    • What Mission Based Purchasing Is And How To Get Suppliers Aligned With This Approach
    • Why The Worst Situation Is The Supplier Doing Exactly What Your Contract Says And You Are Still Unhappy With The Results, & How To Put Powerful Supplier Management Systems In Place To Avoid.
    • How To Develop World Class Score Cards And The Top 3 Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid
    • Why The Contract You Put In Place Can Be Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy In Supplier Management And The Necessary Steps To Ensure Your Contract Enables And Accelerates Your Results.
    • How To Drive World Class Supplier Business Reviews That Wows Customers And Stakeholders.
    • Why Purchasing Professionals Spend More Than 80% Of Their Time On Non-Value Added Activities And How To Re-Architect This To Be Focused On Strategies That Catapult Results, Career, & Income
    • And Much, Much More!

      No other purchasing and supply chain management Certification even comes close to teaching these REAL WORLD skills. 

20 Years Of Experience Tells Us That This Is What Will Happen If You Complete This Certification Program, And Really Dedicate Yourself To Driving Change:

Step 1: You start to apply the concepts. You get superior results compared to those around you.

Your peers notice.

Step 2: Your peers start asking you what you are doing differently.

They will ask for your help. Instead of hoarding knowledge, you become an internal consultant to your organization, and help your organization come up to your level.

Management notices.

Step 3: Management will see that you are outperforming your role and already leading your peers.

They put you on track for a visible promotion.

Executives and Senior Managers in your company notice.

Step 4: Once you demonstrate the same results in your new elevated position, you will never have to look for a purchasing job again.

Internal managers will try to get you on their team, and the highest bidder wins.

Imagine what you'll feel like when you gain control of your career. 

Imagine how good you'll feel about yourself and your accomplishments, and are able to afford the kind of lifestyle you deserve.

Business Woman holding CPSCM Business Card

Imagine when the stress virtually melts, you sleep better and don't dread the day.

Your friends and family notice, and they respect you for it. You are now on the right track. You are in full control of your career.

BOTTOM LINE: If You Keep Doing The Same Things Over And Over And Hope For Different Results, Your Career Will Stagnate.

“As a sourcing executive searching for ways to create a competitive advantage for the company, I found few places to turn before I discovered The Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Excellence. There are very few places to turn to for comprehensive and relevant Purchasing content to sharpen the skills of procurement professionals, where the CPSCM certification fills the gap.

Mr. Ghamami, whom I've found to be probably the world's leading authority on purchasing and negotiations, has put together a comprehensive knowledge-base of leading edge material that helped me understand what it takes to get the best deal done every time, and making purchasing relevant, with a seat at the table and with critical recognition inside the company as a value added center of profit.

The material is delivered in a contextual and easy to understand manner, driving home both the science and the art of getting deals done well. Right after I completed several modules of the certification program, I negotiated the largest deal of my career driving record savings over a hundreds million in total savings to the bottom line.

I owe much of that to Mr. Ghamami and his CPSCM curriculum.” 

Ben G.
   Sourcing Executive, MasterCard CorporatIon 

The CPSCM™ Certification Program Will Put
You In Control Of Your Career Again.

This Is NOT For Everybody.
Here’s Who We CAN Help:

We're VERY picky about who we accept into the program and we've got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for admission.

Here it is:

1. This program is not for beginners or those new to purchasing.

These materials were researched and designed to benefit the industry purchasing veteran – one who is familiar with the primary terms, has ideally had at least three – five years progressively increasing purchasing related experience, and preferably has a bachelor’s degree in a business related discipline (economics, business, management, etc).

2. You must be committed to driving and practicing excellence in the purchasing profession.

To uphold the value and industry recognition of this certification, you must commit to Purchasing & Supply Chain Management excellence ...otherwise there's no point in getting Certification.

That's it!

If you meet these criteria, then we'd be delighted to have you join us, as it is our goal that you obtain the maximum benefit from the game changing program.

Program Completion Timelines: You can finish this program on your own schedule, but you must do so in a one year time period from the time you start.

How quickly you finish is up to you however – there are no system limitations or policies preventing this. We encourage you however to take the time to couple knowledge with practice, as this will result in the best possible outcome.

What Is The Investment?

Our peer research for the investment in a course of this magnitude resulted in $3,000 - $5,000 as being a fair price range. 

But we want to be more than fair with you. So your investment isn't going to be $3,000. 

You're not even going to have to invest $2,000, although that would be more than fair. 

We wanted to go above and beyond and put this with reach of every single Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Pro. 

If you qualify, your investment in the training and certification is only $1,497. Yes, that is a great price.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: You SAVE $200 when you join us today! Use Coupon Code: SAVE200 at check out. Your investment is only $1,297 when you join us today. 

We're deliberately keeping it very, very affordable because we know that once you have this, you'll be on track to live the lifestyle you deserve.

We'll even break up the payments to help you if you wish.


Bonus 1 ($245 value) : A very special, closed-door Purchasing & Supply Chain Management training session held live at Harvard University.

You'll watch and learn some of the most powerful Purchasing & Supply Chain Management training ever held at Harvard, as our free gift to you for applying for CPSCM™ Certification.

Bonus 2: Available for a limited time only! ($300 value): A 30 minute phone consultation with our CEO and Chairman of the Board, Omid Ghamami.

Omid is known as World's Most Sought After Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Author, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer.

He has 18 years’ experience with Intel Corp, holding responsibility for $1B + in annual expenditures as a purchasing executive, and also managing Intel's global purchasing operations.

He was also responsible for the end to end negotiation planning, execution, and training processes for the entire $16B global procurement organization, whom named him "THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning!"

Bonus 3 ($495 value): You're going to get 30 hours of Continuing Education Hours (CEHs). These are THE MOST POWERFUL CEHs in the world. NOTHING compares to this training, NOTHING. 

That's $1,040 in Bonuses! 

​Our research shows that sales professionals spend up to 40% of their time in training while purchasing professionals spend only up to 2% of their time in training!

Sales professionals also have better systems, tools, data, resources, and research than you. They are equipped to win every negotiation in a dominating fashion.

What are YOU doing to address this huge disadvantage?

Let our 20 years of game breaking research in the CPSCM™ certification program show you the way to world class negotiation results and unprecedented levels of career success.

You're going to THRIVE, not just survive. 

Here's What To Do Next

You know, you're obviously really serious about gaining control over your career and becoming a part of the elite and I just want to take the time to acknowledge you for that.

Most people never take the time to properly educate​ themselves they way you are.

You're online, you're reading this and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now.

That's why you're perfect to become CPSCM certified. It's specifically designed for you.

Are you ready to step up to the
Big Leagues?

Yes! I want to pursue the World's Most Advanced, Flexible and Interactive Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Training Program and Take My Career to the Pinnacle.

WARNING: Seats fill fast and we can take only a limited number of students at a time, so register now if you'd like to join us. 

Omid Ghamami
Creator of CPSCM Certification

About Your Instructor

Omid is known as the most trusted, sought after Purchasing and Negotiations trainer in the world. He is famous for creating paradigm shifts in the way Purchasing and Negotiations are done without resorting to the old, status quo methods that have resulted in purchasing being an overhead function instead of a Value Added Center of Profit.Omid Ghamami is President & Chief Consultant at The Center For Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Excellence, the world's most powerful and prestigious purchasing and supply chain management Certification Institute.

Since 1995, he has taught thousands of hours of courses, workshops, and seminars in 21 different countries on topics related to the entire spectrum of purchasing, supply chain management, purchasing contract law, negotiations, and supplier management. He has trained all 50 Chief Purchasing Officers of the United States, been published in global journals including Fortune Magazine, published best selling purchasing and negotiations books, has presented by request to Harvard University's Supply Chain Management program many times, and has worked with over 50% of the Fortune 100.

He is also an esteemed Adj. Professor of Purchasing - the founder of the only such program out of all 113 community colleges in the state of California.Omid has 18 years experience with Intel Corp, where he rose to the position of leading their entire global corporate purchasing operations organization.

His experience and strength in negotiations earned him the corporate designation of “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning” for the entire $16B global purchasing organization.